Oil and gas industry

AMS has experience in the construction and adaptation of petroleum processing plants on national and international level. This of course includes corresponding injection systems and ancillary equipment. We have high expertise in designing gas compressor and gas storage facilities.

For the removal of bottlenecks and realization of adjustments to comply with the legal guidelines and regulations, we develop the ideal plant design, plan execution and advise on and monitor the processes of procurement, installation and commissioning.

Extract from our range of services:    

  • Process simulations    
  • Safety Concepts    
  • PFD and PID    
  • Preparation of approval documents    
  • Design of pumps, heat exchangers, separators and package unit equipment    
  • Arrangement planning in the 3D CAD model    
  • Piping technology    
  • Electrical wiring and control systems    

References include:  

  • Dea AG, at numerous locations in Germany    
  • Open Grid Europe GmbH, Essen    
  • E.ON Technologies GmbH (formerly ENT), Gelsenkirchen